Monday, February 28, 2011

About You

I want to know who you are.

  1. Age and gender

  2. Where you live (or there 'bouts)

  3. The furthest place you've traveled from your humble abode

  4. Dream destination



Jessica said...

1. 25Female
2. Arkansas
3. Czech Republic
4. Australia


Jennifer C. said...

#3= me too!
#4= New Zealand

Pepper said...

1. 35 female
2. Tampa area
3. Misawa, Japan
4. So many to choose from...this week I'm thinking Italy.

ClaytonDuran said...

1. 25-male
2. Right outside Tallahassee, but I wish I was in Atlanta :(
3. Tampico, Mexico
4. New Zealand [as well]

Day said...

1. 25, female
2. Mississippi what what
3. So I guess via the el mapo, I'd have to say maybe Poland??

Jennifer C. said...

I wish you were in Atlanta, too!

Jennifer C. said...

Because I'm a dork, I did a distance check. Prague is about 40 miles further away than Görlitz/ Zgorzelec.